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Dr Chloe Spiegel

Dr Chloe Spiegel


Dr Chloe Spiegel is a consultant neurologist with sub-specialty training in movement disorders and epilepsy. She works at the Northern and Alfred Hospitals in Melbourne. She is completing a Master of Philosophy with Monash university, and is involved in research focused on atypical parkinsonian disorders (primarily progressive supranuclear palsy).

Dr Spiegel completed her medical degree at the University of Melbourne. She went on to complete Physician Training through the Austin and Northern Hospitals. Her Neurology Advanced Training involved core years in Melbourne and at the Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania. She has undergone further training, with fellowships in epilepsy (Austin Hospital), and movement disorders (Alfred Hospital).

Dr Spiegel consults at the Neuro Group on a monthly basis. She has a special interest in the following:
- Diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease
- Management of tremor and other movement disorders
- Botulinum toxin for dystonia, blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm

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